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Recent high profile incidents of Child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and oxford have highlighted the vulnerability of the leisure and hospitality to be caught up in CSE our research has revealed the use of hotels, taxi companies and pubs in the grooming and pursuit of child abuse.

The Right Solutions works with these industries to ensure they safeguard their customers staff and brand.

We do this through applying the 4 A’s model

It involves :

Audit of business’s current safeguarding arrangements. Both a self assessment and assessments from our experts will provide information that allows us to provide support building on good practice and addressing any gaps in existing polices and procedures.

Advice is given in reports and assistance with strengthening their existing polices and procedures.

Awareness– a mix of technology enabled training solutions, face to face training, seminars and conferences

Accreditation scheme which a business can use to demonstrate their commitment to becoming a truly family friendly destination safeguarding their customers staff and brand.

The difference we make is supporting and equipping the leisure and hospitability industries to prevent their establishments being used and exploited by those perpetrating CSE

Overall, we make destinations truly family-friendly by developing the right skills, policies and knowhow – enabling you to protect both staff and valued customers and keep them safe, happy and loyal.

Please contact us for friendly advice and more information now.

Quote from Worcester Whitehouse Hotel Manager –

“The team here play an important part in protecting
vulnerable people and the training provided was excellent; delivered in a
professional and interesting way that highlighted and increased staff
awareness in how to recognise and deal with exploitation with confidence”

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