Safeguarding is important to your business

Any commercial operation is responsible for taking safeguarding seriously and ensuring that visitors on its premises are safe and free from harm.

Businesses within the leisure and hospitality sectors – hotels and restaurants, sports and recreation facilities, soft play centres – are particularly at risk.

Could your staff spot inappropriate behaviour towards children or young people? How would your business deal with suspicious activity? What policies are in place to protect your brand from child protection allegations?

The Right Solutions delivers a range of bespoke safeguarding training, consultancy and policy development services, available online or on-site, nationwide. As a certified ‘safe location’ you will not only preserve the integrity of your brand, but maintain a loyal customer base and even boost your competitive advantage.

Discover how our professional team can help or contact us for friendly advice and more information now.

“Predominately budget hotels are used by offenders. However a number of hotel chains have also been identified as being used in CSE offending.” West Midlands Police Report

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Business Solutions

Be family-friendly – gain ‘4A Status’. Audit-Advice-Awareness-Accreditation… essential insight and knowhow for all businesses.
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Safeguarding Training

Bespoke safeguarding training solutions – online, on-site, nationwide – to maintain the safety and wellbeing of your staff and your customers.
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The Importance of Safeguarding

‘More than 6,000 children across England have been reported at risk of child sex exploitation since the beginning of 2013.’ Channel 4 News
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A busy calendar of events, seminars and conferences all focusing on safeguarding.
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